A collection of BBQ afficionados favorites and tips.  


World famous.  Best in the U.S.  Worth waiting 4 hours in line.  That's the general report.  Franklin's is walking distance from Casa Roja, about 25 minutes.  Walking directions here.  (or take a quick drive).  It is only open for lunch and they sell out every day.  

They do a good job managing the line and their inventory so generally they will let you know if you are too far back in the line and won't get to order.  

Arrive at 8:30 a.m.  Bring a chair or usually you can grab one of the free chairs there if early enough.  Bring a cooler with beer and mimosas, bring cards, whatever and make it a social event.  I think that's half the point.  Copy of Franklin's new book is at Casa Roja.


A really great alternative if you don't want to do the Franklin's thing.  And bonus, it's only a 15 minute walk from Casa Roja.  Directions here.  

Previous Guest Perspective:  Best Thing:  Pork Ribs   2nd Best Thing:  Everything else we ate (pork shoulder, pulled goat, lemon poppy slaw and jalapeno cheese grits).    Overall favorite of the trip, closely edging out Smitty’s (although the trailer set-up lacks the charm of Smitty’s). The meat was all top-notch, but the sides set Micklethwait apart from others. I understand the blasphemous nature of that statement, but they were tremendous icing on the proverbial cake. We went shortly after they opened on Saturday and endured a small, but palatable, line. But we would’ve waited in a line ten times as long for that deliciousness.

La Barbecue

Mouthwatering brisket.  Another long line thing.  Fortunately, it's a mere 10 minute walk from Casa Roja (turn left on Chicon and walk 7 blocks).  Directions here.  Previous Guest Perspective:  Best Thing?  Brisket.  Second Best?  Smoked Turkey.  Right up there with our favorites. And they win on “amenities” with their free beer and live entertainment, both of which helped tolerate a 30-minute line. Yes, free, serve-yourself beer (but kind people will leave a tip) and a folk/bluegrass duo playing on the tiny stage next to the trailer. That, coupled with amazing food, made for a great overall experience.

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