Metier Cook's Supply

A Foodie/Cooks Dream Shop

I did the happy dance the other day when I saw there was a free(!) wine tasting at Metier, the new cooking shop that just opened around the corner from Casa SoCo, next to Lenoir.

Metier Cook's Supply next to Lenoir on S. 1st in Austin

In fact, it is owned by the same good people as Lenoir, husband and wife team Jessica Maher and Todd Duplechan.

Anyone heading to the Austin Food & Wine Festival?  (We are!)  If food and wine are your thing, be sure to pop in here.

If you love to cook, you will adore this shop.

If you love to eat, you will adore this shop.

If you just like your house to look pretty and trick people into thinking you know how to cook, you will adore this shop.

Even if you don't think you would buy anything, pop in on the weekend because they usually have some special event going on.  Warning - may include free food or wine.

First: Cookbooks

beautiful cookbooks from meteir cook's supply austin

Soooo many pretty books. Great vintage finds and current hot items. Well organized. Really great to just wander in and find something new. I picked up Provence, 1970: MFK Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard, and the Reinvention of American Taste by Luke Barr.

Second: Kitchen Ware

Knife selection at Meteir Austin

Knives, pots, pans, bar ware, glasses, contraptions. I know I wouldn’t use them but their copper mule mugs are beautiful.  On second thought, maybe it's time we tried a Moscow Mule...Could be the new summer drink.

Barware from Metier Cook's Supply Austin

Third: The Vintage Room

Old stuff. Unique finds. More copper. Cast iron. A lesson in quality and durability.

Vintage Goblets and Cast Iron Corn Cake Pans at Meteir Cooks Supply Austin near Casa SoCo

Vintage Meteir coffee mill on S. 1st near Casa SoCo Austin

Vintage Copper Tray is a steal at $40! Meteir Cook's Supply Austin

Vintage Room at Meteir Cook's Supply AUstin

In case you don't speak French (I looked it up), Metier means "profession, trade, or craft".  It can also mean "an activity you are good at".  So there you go.  Aptly named.  No doubt many of Austin's talented chefs are shopping here, along with all the rest of us who like to eat.

If you shop there, please tell them Ashley from Casa SoCo sent you!

1805 S. 1st, Austin, TX 78704

Open Monday through Saturday, 10 - 7 and on Sundays, 12 - 6.

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