It can be overwhelming when you're shopping for a vacation rental.  How do you find the right place for your group?  At Casa SoCo we work our booties off to give you both a fabulous place to stay and world class hospitality.  We think Casa SoCo is downright awesome so we don't sugar coat the details.  Read on to make sure Casa SoCo is your perfect place.  Note: we try not to take anything too seriously...

10. You want to rough it like a real cowboy.

Sorry, Casa SoCo is a modern, urban oasis stocked with everything from fluffy bathrobes to bamboo sheets to Apple TV. If you really want a Texas experience take a drive down to Bandera, Texas, the Cowboy Capitol of the World and some of the prettiest bits of hill country.

Casa SoCo Austin vacation rental second bedroom
Gorgeous Queen bedroom with all you need

9.    You want to stumble out the door to 6th street (or rather, stumble home from 6th street).

Casa SoCo is a close 1.8 miles from downtown.  There are frankly not many places near 6th street we would want to live. But if you really want to be a block away from bars, try to find a condo on 2nd or in the Railyards (or spend a lot of money at the W). We prefer being a quick $10 cab ride from downtown. It also smells better at Casa SoCo, a lot better.

8. You want to relax on Wisteria Lane or in some other planned neighborhood.

The SoCo and SoFi neighborhoods are eclectic and wonderful. There are old funky houses (some need a little love), remodeled craftsman bungalows and new houses featuring some great modern architecture. Neighbors like yard art; some think that pink and purple are really awesome colors for a house. Casa SoCo is a stunner, it’s tasteful and private, but if a lack of symmetry makes you anxious we recommend finding a house in Circle C or Round Rock.

5 Questions to Ask Before You Rent in Austin
Casa SoCo

7.   Your favorite restaurants are Applebee’s, the Olive Garden and Chili’s.

While we know those baby back ribs are popular, Casa SoCo is surrounded by fabulous local restaurants. We don’t do chain. We do small, friendly places that often feature food out of their own garden. Some places even have their own chickens (Olivia's) and those places are pretty chic.  To get a quick taste of what's nearby just click on the "Eat" button at the top of the page.

Chickens roam and provide fresh eggs at Olivia's on S. Lamar
Chickens roam and provide fresh eggs at Olivia's on S. Lamar

6. You prefer everything to be new and perfect.

Casa SoCo is walking distance to fabulous shops and restaurants. They are mixed in with an old tattoo parlor, an older pet shop and a mechanic with a flare for graffiti.  We actually like the mix and would chain ourselves to a building before letting a prettified McDonald's come in.  We do love the new and pretty gelato joint, wine bar and cupcake shop that just opened on South First.

Botticelli's restaurant on South Congress, walking distance from Casa SoCo
Most places look like this in our hood
El Primo's Taco Trailer just around the corner from Casa SoCo
Some places look like this (Excellent tacos!)

5. You think walking for 10 – 20 minutes is a very long time.

If you feel this way, Casa SoCo still might be a good spot for you, but we want to be clear. We get a thrill anytime we can hop on our bikes (here for your use) and be at a wonderful Italian place (Enoteca) in less than 5 minutes – or walk for 20 to enjoy fabulous Thai (Sway). But Casa SoCo is tucked into the neighborhood so you’ll walk about 2-4 blocks before you get to the 2 main avenues, South Congress and South First.

Guests Biking to SoCo
Guests Biking to SoCo

4. Sleep is not important to you.

If cozy beds, luxurious sheets, wicked cold A/C and quiet are not your cup a tea, another place might work better for you. Casa SoCo also lacks a hallway filled with drunken college students yelling and falling.

3. You want complete solitude.

Alone time can be oh so nice. But Casa SoCo was designed for groups to create memories. Sure we have four private and cozy bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but it’s all those spectacular spots to chill and laugh (indoor and outdoor) that make a weekend. If you really want to be alone, go for that yoga retreat, or maybe a monastery.

Guests enjoy the outdoor patio at night using the firepit under magnificent 250 year old oak tree at Casa SoCo
Just try not to enjoy yourself here

2. Strangers who smile at you are scary.

We smile a lot. Total strangers will chat you up when you’re standing in line at Jo’s Coffee or at the grocery store. They’re just shooting the breeze and mean no harm.   In fact, that stranger will probably hold your beer at a concert while you run to the port-a-potty. We’re not always happy but let’s just pretend we are because it’s contagious! If this sounds off-putting head to the Pacific Northwest or other colder parts for a more reserved culture. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Seattle, but when I lived there I never got any stranger to talk to me at the grocery store).

1. You dig mediocre service.

The owners of Casa SoCo (that’s us!) will bend over backward to make sure you have a fabulous time. We offer 24/7 concierge service – just text us. If you need proof, please, read the reviews.

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We think this gives you a good idea of what your next Austin getaway would be like at Casa SoCo.  If items #1-10 don't apply to you then we suggest you book with us -- Welcome home to Texas-Friendly & Austin-Cool!

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