Austin Scavenger Hunt

Coming to Austin for a Bachelorette party?  (Or any other event where some silly errr #regretable social media posts are likely?)

A previous guest gave me this awesome idea for an Austin Instascavenge.  Is Instagram already an old person thing?  Maybe it should be an Austin Snapchat Challenge... 

However you share - this would be a fun weekend activity whether you're staying at Casa SoCo off South Congress or Casa Roja in East Downtown.

What you do:

Divide up into teams of at least 2.  Start your adventure in Austin.  You can make this an afternoon activity or last all weekend.  

Find as many of the Austin iconic spots on the list as you can and take a picture.  

Post on Instagram with your weekend hashtag (#Jenslastrodeo, #thisis40), your team name (#TeamVodka) and the item on the list. 


Austin Cowboy













#JensLastRodeo #TeamVodka #realcowboy

Whoever gets the most on the list, wins!  If there's a tie, give extra points for creativity.

Have fun in Austin!!  Follow ATX Casas on Instagram to find some of our local Austin favorites.

ATX Icons Scavenger Hunt

  1. Live music
  2. University of Texas
  3. Real cowboy
  4. Queso
  5. Something weird
  6. Food truck
  7. Mathew McConaughey (real or look alike)
  8. Zilker Park
  9. South Congress
  10. A total hipster
  11. The Capitol
  12. Austin original beverege 
  13. Dirty 6th
  14. Rainey St
  15. Baylor Street Art Wall
  16. Austin Motel sign
  17. BBQ
  18. Tacos
  19. Proper tatoo
  20. Bats 





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